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vip clout card

clout (pron. klout), n, influence or power, especially in politics or business  //  synonyms: influence, power, weight, sway, leverage, control, say

join the club

Becoming a VIP Clout Card member gets you exclusive perks that aren't available anywhere else. Get free entry, skip lines, enjoy local business discounts and other perks. Party with the top DJs and Promoters throughout New England. Music artist package also available.

For businesses and promoters looking to provide perks for their products, services or events, please contact


>>> free event entry

For up to 10 events per month. Reduced entry for other events. Line skipping privileges.*

>>> exclusive discounts

The Clout Card partners with local and online businesses to give you exclusive discounts.*

>>> priority tables

Get last minute and priority table bookings in the location of your choice.*

>>> song requests

Send song requests for DJ to play (at DJs discretion). Original music can be submitted under the Artist Access pacakge.*

* Benefits depend on membership tier.

get exclusive benefits      


level up    

  • Gold

    Every month
    • Free Entry for up to 3 Select Events Per Month*
  • Platinum

    Every month
    • Free Entry for up to 5 Select Events Per Month*
    • Reduced Admission to Select Events
    • Exclusive Discounts
  • Diamond

    Every month
    • Free Entry for up to 8 Select Events Per Month*
    • Line Skips
    • Exclusive Discounts
    • Two Free Drink Tickets*
    • Priority Table Bookings*
    • Song Request*
  • Artist Access

    Every month
    • Free Entry for up to 5 Select Events Per Month*
    • Exclusive Discounts
    • Priority Table Bookings*
    • Original Song Played at One Event Per Month
    • Consideration to be Played During Radio Mix Show
    • 10% off Mixtape Hosting Packages
    • One Instagram Story Promotion Per Month*
    • One Free Grade My Song Report (Letter Grade with Summary)

*based on event availability.  Terms and conditions may apply. Membership renews on a monthly basis and there is a three month minimum commitment before cancellation.. For questions or to cancel, please contact

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